Saturday, 4 May 2013

Willow's First Birthday part 2 (Tiny, Tiny Shoes)

The other great thing about Willow being so small and unaware of things is that I can make her birthday present as she plays by my cutting table. She has been outgrowing shoes at an alarming pace, but as none of her shoes stay on her bloody feet for more than half an hour it doesn't really seem to matter. However, now that she's really walking (and no that it's FINALLY started getting nice out) she really needed a pair of shoes that she could walk in and that were not so easy to remove.
Birthday shoes! I was in a rush to take this as she went outside in them immediately after....

I've been making baby shoes since last fall and I love it. They're so much fun to make! Although I've put some of the shoes I've made on her, this was the first pair I'd made just for Willow. I'm really happy with them, although I'm going to have to make another pair pretty soon! My little weed...

To see more of my baby shoes, check out Banana Who? (my facebook page)

These were a custom order. I'm really happy with them.

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