Sunday, 2 June 2013

Diaper delivery day! (Diapers, of course)

Friday was diaper delivery day. A friend had a little boy in march and she asked if I was interested in making her some cloth diapers. It just so happened that I had recently discovered a diaper pattern that I really really like. It's from Fabricland, part of their new Babyville Boutique line. I have to say they are the only diapers that I have made that when put on Willow don't immediately start leaking. They are super-cute, too.

No tutorial today, just pictures. The pattern gives me license to make and sell (on a small-scale) the diapers, but I certainly can't make the pattern available on the Internet for free! 

I love the leg-openings. The stuffers agitate out in the wash, it's great!

I will say, though, that although the finished product is fantastic, the pattern instructions leave a little to be desired. They use photos instead of technical drawings (like most paper patterns use) and the photos are not especially clear. This is not a beginner pattern. As such, if you have the pattern and are having problems with it, shoot me a line and I'll help you if I can. Maybe I'll do a diaper tips post...

Same pattern, different fabric. These were for my sister!

Sooooo many snaps....

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