Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Just This Side of Sanity, For Now...

There is a sign at my local Fabricland that says "Dear Fabric Store Worker, please stop asking me what I'm going to use this for, I'm running out of ways to say 'It's going into my stash.'" I try very much not to be that person. I am sometimes, I freely admit that; anyone who sews is occasionally going to be. However, I have to keep it under tight control. First it's a bit of fleece bought on sale in the spring, squirrelled away for the next fall. Then it might be a piece of silk twill in an odd colour that I'm sure I'll do something with someday. (I haven't bought this one yet. It stares at me every time I'm at the store, though...) But that way lies a work room that no one but me can walk through and perhaps a brief moment of fame, guest-starring on a future episode of Hoarders.

So I've gotten pretty good at the old self-denial. I don't usually let myself buy aimless fabric; that is, fabric I have no immediate purpose for. There are times when I've bought something for a purpose and then realize I have absolutely no time to work on it. And there are the times when someone (or someone's family member) wants/needs to get rid of some of their stash, and I end up with a whole bunch of fabric I have NO idea what to do with, but it's often too cool or pretty to get rid of. As such, I do have a stash, of course. It's very helpful when I'm working on shows and realize that a piece of fabric I already own is just perfect for someone. It's less helpful when I have to clean up my work room/our guest bedroom because we have guests coming to stay.

The placement of this buttonhole makes me giggle. Possibly more than it should.
However, there are times when I simply must buy a piece of fabric, when it's just so amazing or beautiful or unique and I love it so much I could happily stretch it over a frame and hang it on the wall. I had one of those moments the other day. I'd been eyeing this fabric for a while now, and it was on sale! The most on sale it would likely ever go, too. I went for it. I knew if I didn't, the next time I came by it would be gone and I'd be sad. I don't like making myself sad, so instead I made myself very happy! I mean, come on, look at it! Disney villains in messy makeup on a grey/pink print with spiders? Impossible to look it in the face and say no.

Now, what to do with it? I knew if I put it in my stash it would take years before I got back to it, so I needed to do something ASAP. I have less impulse control when it comes to pattern sales, so I have a somewhat largish collection of untouched patterns. I went through them and found one by Butterick (B6318) for an early 60s dress and decided to give it a try. It turned out super cute, but not for me. It has a really high boat neck, which doesn't flatter me and drives me crazy. Okay, take two.

Love the skirt, but... Seam ripper time!

I have been holding onto a Vogue shirt-dress pattern for years (V8352). I honestly don't think they sell it any more. (note - I just checked the Vogue website and they do not. They actually sell almost the exact same pattern, but it buttons in the back now. Huh.) I've held off on it partly due to previous negative experiences with Vogue (they have a tendency to have mistakes or very confusing directions), but I have to say this one was great. It came together pretty quickly and, like all Vogue patterns, it has some very nice little high-end touches, like the snap at the waistline to keep it from gaping. Plus, it fits beautifully! I didn't have to do any alterations and I really like the fit, especially in the back.
Fancy snap!

And these buttons! How perfect are they?

Tangled vines! Love it!
My husband likes it, but he thinks it should be tighter. Granted, he says that about most of my clothes... :)

I'm so happy I bought this fabric, I'm so happy I took the first dress apart, and I'm so very happy with the final product! Today is a day to celebrate aimless fabric.

But only today, because again, that way lies madness.
I LOVE the back of this dress!

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